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Page 291 - Fun thought about this page:
Posted December 6, 2023 at 12:00 pm

I feel like I may have mentioned this before, but Eileen was original supposed to be her own main character of her own story. She's the crazy-ass of the group of friends. She'll burn everything down, if she has to. But thankfully, she's mostly nice and able to understand good from bad. Mostly. She just has a very destructive affinity and she's like, yeah okay, let's make use of this.

It's actually not super common for mages in Solstoria to focus on their affinity over say, other magic types that are more useful in the day to day than to be a pure elemental user. Honestly, it's more annoying in terms of paperwork to be a destructive magician. Eileen is kind of a outlier in that she has a special status in St. Helena, both as a refugee and also as an attendant to the Crown Prince of Vilandra.

Anyway, that's all! Nothing bad will come from this! 

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