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Page 257 - Comments now live!! (Update: SOON!!)
Posted May 9, 2023 at 5:00 pm

Hello everyone!!

I've decided to turn on comments for Solstoria now that I'm updating again!! I hope you all enjoy the new pages. I want to keep working and pushing Solstoria forward, but I'm also thinking of going back and fixing some pages for dialogue purposes. I want to just clean up pages and make things look more beautiful.  My style and way of approaching pages has changed over the years, so I hope you all enjoy how they look lately! Backgrounds are still pretty difficult though, I want to make them look nice without having them stall the creation of pages. Sometimes I get overwhelmed, you know? 

This is a character we've seen previously, but not for a while. She's featured in two very distinct chapters, so I hope you enjoy her!! 

Update: I have to check some things because they're not working right now!! I'll get them up and working soon! Sorry everyone!! 

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